To edit the different pages: 

-Use the drop down menu entitled "Page:" 

-Click on the specific page you want to edit 

-Right click mouse or keypad to edit or delete something 

-Bubbles on the left side with the icons (the square, the add button, the cloud) are used to customize or add to the page such as pictures or text 

To edit videos and/or add under the "LIVE MUSIC" page: 

-Click on videos and press "Manage videos" 

-To delete a video, click on the small box next to the video which will become a checked box, then press the trash icon  

-To edit the description of a video, press the pencil icon 

-To edit the cover image of the video, press 

To add pictures on to the page:

-Use the left screen "+" add icon and press on "Image"

-Go to "My image uploads"

-Press "upload images" to add images from laptop


Optional: Can connect social media (Facebook) pictures by repeating steps above and click "Social images" tab instead of "my image" 

To edit picture slideshow under "LIVE MUSIC" and "EVENTS & CALENDAR": 

-Press on slideshow 

-Press "edit slide" to add description or to just edit the photo 

-Add more pics to slideshow by pressing "+" 

Managing event calendar:

-Use Google Calendars 

-Make sure calendar is under "Mekong Bistro"

-Event calendar should update as events are added to Google Calendar